Friday, October 27, 2006

Al Tello's wife?

As you know, the director of the Irvine Valley College Foundation is Al Tello, a nice guy, despite being very connected to Trustee Tom Fuentes and his local GOP cronies. (See Tello.)

Al’s wife’s name is Emilee, and she can usually be found working for GOP candidates.

It turns out that one “Emilee Tello” is the, or at least a, worker who resigned on the 24th from Tan Nguyen’s Congressional campaign--seemingly in connection with the now-infamous mailer. (Nguyen)

That's what I learned in this morning’s OC Register, in an article concerning the recent raid of the home of a Nguyen friend (Nguyen probe expands to LAPD officer):
...Nguyen's campaign treasurer, Emillee Tello, submitted documents to the Federal Election Commission advising them of her resignation from the campaign, effective Oct. 24.

Tello could not be reached for comment.

Tan Nguyen remained steadfast in an interview with the Register that "no crime has been committed."

Although he denies having directed the flier, he has admitted that volunteers with his campaign were responsible for sending it.

He blamed the confusion on several translation errors.
I happen to know that Trustee Tom knows Emilee Tello.

You'll recall that Trustee Tom served as a (the) "senior advisor" to Nguyen's campaign, at least during the primary. Nguyen paid him $15,000.

And, of course, back 1988, Fuentes was involved in a notorious effort to intimidate Latino voters by placing guards at polling places.

To read Trustee Tom's hearty endorsement of Tan Nguyen's candidacy, go to Tom's endorsement. (It's a small pdf file.)

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  1. We ARE the hellmouth! We ARE!

  2. Didn't Al Tello work for some Assembly person before he came to us? Morrow maybe?

  3. Why did it take her that long to resign? Couldn't she see the ship was sinking?

    I mean, she resigned three days ago.


  4. With all the "translation" problems that have taken place at the Nguyen campaign, are you sure it is Emilee Tello and not Emily Litella who resigned?

  5. Boy, all these people do is run around and give each other jobs and dispense fancy awards to each other and sit on foundation boards with each other and write checks to each other - and apparently, in between, dabble in voter intimidation with a side of refried racism.

    I mean, - has anyone checked out who sits on the IVC foundation board (directed by Mr. Tello)these days?

  6. I'm starting to think that "nice people" and "Republicans" are oxymoronic terms. Sorry, but they support a corrupt, venal party that becomes more and more transparently evil as each day passes.

  7. Al Tello speaks Spanish, doesn't he?

  8. The Demoncrats are no better, 10:56.


  10. I heard ART TELLO is going to be the new chief of police at I.V.C

  11. Just when I think my shockability has been used up.

  12. It all comes back to IVC. We are the hellmouth, I tell you, the hellmouth. There is no other.

  13. You know the sad part is this...
    Al Tello is supposed to raise big money for this college... and if you look at the amounts that Al has brought in is quite pathetic.
    Cmon Al try to raise more money that your average grade school bake sale.

  14. You people are a bunch of jackasses! Emilee Tello resigned within minutes of finding out about the mailer. They are NOT people that give each other fancy jobs and awards. I can see you people are quite "hostile" toward any Republicans.

  15. No, but we've learned to expect the worst from Fuentes' crowd. And there is little reason to doubt that the manifestly less-than-competent Mr. T owed the longevity of his job at IVC (if not securing it in the first place) to "protection" and "pull" from Captain Cronytown himself, (then) Trustee Fuentes, the man who helped arrange John Williams' rise in County government and who brought the likes of Mike Carona and Chriss Street to our district. We're not hostile to Republicans; we're hostile to corrupt Republicans, and, as you may have noticed, with the exception of Mr. Agran, political corruption in OC (especially the cronyistic sort) is Republican corruption.

  16. 12:55 seems to suffer from crony blindness. Surely the district cannot be pleased that, owing to Fuentes and his cronies, we've been repeatedly slathered with the slime of local GOP corruption. We were thus slathered with every appearance of Street, the fraudster, Carona, the felon (and racist, etc.), and every other member of that dismal crew. The Williams debacle is worst of all--for our colleges' reputations.


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