vets fubar

At bottom, the only thing Glenn Roquemore cares about are patriotic photo ops and similar quasi-events that (he thinks) make him look good to Republicans/South Orange Countians.
He wants to be Chancellor. That's his ambition.
Everything is about that.
The (IVC) Veterans Center FUBAR series:
Darryl Cox, popular with vets
• The Veterans Center FUBAR, Part 1 — or "Why do the Veterans hate the veterans' counselor?"*
 The Veterans Center FUBAR, part 2: protection!
• The Veterans Center FUBAR, part 3: a room of one’s own
• The Veterans Center fubar, part 4: another side?
• The Veterans Center fubar, part 5: administration's dog and pony show
• The Veterans Center fubar, part 6: the "other side" re Mark Minkler
• The Veterans Center fubar, part 7: Glenn's "military friendly" poster boys respond to the Minklerian narrative
• The Veterans Center Fubar, part 8: what vets need/want
Note: eventually, Mr. Minkler failed to survive the tenure review process and he was allowed to resign. 

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