Friday, February 14, 2014

Exene's riches, Gabbi's dishes

In Santa Ana
Exene in her heyday
     Got a call this morning from the Reb. She and Limber Lou were on their way to Exene Cervenka’s estate sale in Santa Ana. So was our colleague, Virginia.
     (In recent years, Exene, frontwoman for the great LA punk band X, has lived in Orange. The Reb, an Xophile since her teenage years, has run into her at thrift stores.)
     Did I wanna join ‘em? Maybe go to lunch afterwards?
     Why, sure. Got my sh*t together and drove off. Dropped by Annie’s to see if she wanted to come along. “Sure,” she said. “Be ready in five minutes.”
The Gabbster
     Fifteen minutes later, we were off, drivin' Gary's sledmobile.
     I decided to approach the sale location from Tustin, near Rutabegorz on Main. As it turns out, the location was some uninviting industrial space along that very road, now called E. Chestnut, but a few miles past the 55 into Santa Ana.
     Spotted a haunted house along the way. Took the above pic. Annie and I are fond of such structures. Annie saw a ghost, no doubt. Me, not so much.
     As Annie and I drove, I asked her to dial back her personality by two notches for this occasion. I didn't want her to scare young Virginia, who's unfamiliar with Bauerness and all its blunt and zany wackitude.
     "Why?" she asked.
     "Just do it, OK?" (I.e., "don't ask")

Limber Lou, actor
The Blasters
     We found the place and entered the building, where we found Lisa and Lou with Virginia, sifting through all Exene's stuff: dresses, records, knives (owned by her pal Phil Alvin of the Blasters), and the usual (and unusual) detritus. Evidently, earlier, Exene had dropped by, but she got weirded out by something and booked. Lisa and Virginia didn't seem to know why.
     [UPDATE: I noticed that the Reb posted this accounting of Exene's stuff: "Exene's dresses, Phil Alvin's pocket knives, old punks and costume jewelry. A Tom Sawyer salt and pepper shaker set from Hannibal, MO: Tom and his half whitewashed fence. Old sheet music. Old albums. A 45 of "Down in the Boondocks" sung by Bill Joe Royal, produced and written by Joe South. Cowboy boots. Size 7 1/5 shoes. Tiered skirts with tiny waists, trimmed with rick-rack, some run through with gold thread. Vintage embroidered dish towels. Aprons. Green Depression era glass. Guitars. Comic books. Posters. Scarves. Gloves. Hats. Vintage metal candy molds: ducks, bunnies and eggs. Archie Comics. Books: Frida Kahlo written in German, early photos by Alfred Stieglitz; Kay Boyle's poetry, Susan Faludi, Joesph Cornell. Near the counter two LPs: Soupy Sales and Pete Seeger's "Hootenanny Tonight!" featuring among others Earl Robinson and Sonny Terry."]
     We all bought stuff, I guess. (I bought an old Soupy Sales album and a 45 of Billy Joe Royal's "Down in the Boondocks," recorded with the great Joe South in 1964.) Then we headed to Orange for lunch.
     —Gabbi's Mexican in downtown Orange. Very cool indeed.

Lisa and Virginia
     Virginia's a poet, so she's trouble, man. She has words.
     The food was great, as usual. Gabbi's never disappoints.

     Limber Lou, wearing a "Ramones" shirt, told us about his latest role as an actor. Evidently, he plays a kid, age 9, who has tantrums. Cool. Three nights a week.

Virginia and Annie, on her best behavior

     A good time was had by all.

X - Johnny Hit And Run Paulene

I remember listening to this on the tinny AM radio of my folks' '60 Ford. Loved it.


  1. Some fun. Nice pics.

  2. You know how to have fun. Punk rock and Mexican food. It doesn't get much better.


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