Monday, April 23, 2012

Mathur running for Laguna Hills City Council: he's all about "the modern needs of our citizens"

     Well, he’s back, and with his trademark pidgin English, too!


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

     Many of you may recognize me from my past contributions to our community. Now I want you to know me for my next contribution. I am Raghu Mathur, and I’m delighted to tell you that I’m a candidate for Laguna Hills City Council in 2012.
     I am a former President of Laguna Hills Homeowners Association, before Laguna Hills officially became a city in 1991. In 1983, I was elected by the public to the Board of Trustees of the Saddleback Valley Unified School District (SVUSD) and was subsequently re-elected and completed my second term in 1992. [When his reelection bid failed, he wrote an amusingly bitter public letter: SEE.]
     I am a veteran community and education leader. I have served as President of Irvine Valley College for five years and Chancellor of the South Orange County Community College District for nearly nine years. Currently, I serve as the Chair, College of Education, at Argosy University in Orange, CA. [Gosh. No mention of those three votes of "no confidence"? See No confidence vote third for Mathur (LA Times)]
     Laguna Hills is a beautiful and wonderful city. The ideas and management styles of incumbent Laguna Hills City Council members who presided over 20 years no longer adequately serve the modern needs of our citizens. Our city needs a NEW VISION for the 21st Century. The New Vision consists of the following major components:

• Ensure Laguna Hills delivers needed services to residents in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
• Ensure Laguna Hills is a safe and secure place to live, work, play and raise a family.
• Ensure Laguna Hills offers its residents of all ages choices in dining, shopping and recreational activities through business-friendly climate.
• Ensure Laguna Hills residents have abundant opportunities to participate in city governance through citizen-based commissions in the areas of budget audit, planning, parks and recreation, traffic, youth services and senior services.
• Ensure Laguna Hills City Council makes governance decisions in the most transparent, inclusive and collaborative manner possible. [Funny. Mathur's turn as IVC Prez and SOCCCD Chancellor was characterized by zero transparency and zero respect for "shared governance." See Mathur the unpopular]
     I invite you to join me in making Laguna Hills a better City for all of us.


Raghu P. Mathur, Ed.D.


  1. That is some outstanding incoherent blathering. Sign me up for this guy!

  2. Looks like Raghu has his youth back based on the headline picture on his website.

  3. boy am I glad I moved from Laguna Hills!!

  4. I just about choked on those last two bullet-points. Participate fully in governance? transparency? Who is it we're talking about here???

  5. Excellent, excellent... continue to do my bidding. Tell us more about Mathur.

  6. I don't think you should make fun of his English but the odious views he espouses and explains in more details on his campaign website are fair game.

  7. The man is running on his education related laurels--president, chancellor, etc.

    His English skills, or lack thereof, are fair game.

  8. Please join me in this New Vision for Laguna Hills by making a generous contribution to “Raghu Mathur for Laguna Hills City Council" and sending a check to:

    Raghu Mathur for Laguna Hills City Council

    25061 Luna Bonita Drive,

    Laguna Hills, CA 92653

  9. Everybody send in checks for fifty cents.

  10. Roy, your obsession with Mathur intrigues me. I have met scorned lovers that could get over their ex’s more easily. Maybe if Mathur was a movie star, pop singer, etc, I might understand a bit more easily, but why do you obsess about Mathur? It is no doubt a sickness. A good amount of time has passed since you had your issues with him and yet you continue to flatter him with your resentment.

    Why are you wasting your life obessing about Mathur? When you reflect on how you spent your years, do you really want Mathur to be such a big part of it? Is He your legacy?

  11. 1:33, even a cursory examination of this blog disproves your notion that we obsess over Mathur. In truth, we seldom refer to him.
    That he is running for political office is plainly "interesting news" to the denizens of the SOCCCD. That's why we've reported this particular factoid.
    Might I suggest, 1:33, that YOU are obsessed with the canard that we are obsessed? Clearly, you are.
    Now go away.

  12. I agree with Roy. Nobody is obsessing with Mathur. He is gone. He destroyed careers; was vindictive, self-serving, and not trustworthy. I do not think he was the devil incarnate. He was a seriously flawed human being .... pathetic, in the end.

    The fact that he is running for office, proclaiming to "Ensure Laguna Hills City Council makes governance decisions in the most transparent, inclusive and collaborative manner possible," among other tired cliches and platitudes is, indeed, curious. I do not believe that was his modus operandi while he was in office at the SOCCCD. And that is part of the problem. What Raghu proclaims, and what he does, seem to be two very different things. I just feel sorry for the folks in Laguna Hills were they ever persuaded to believe his tired rhetoric and elect him to office. I am glad we have closed that unfortunate chapter in the SOCCD.

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