Friday, November 5, 2010

More criticism for IVC administration

     Nov. 5: CRITICISM OF ADMINISTRATION'S HANDLING OF THE "DISTURBED STUDENT" EPISODE. At yesterday's meeting of the Irvine Valley College Academic Senate, a senate officer described an unfortunate circumstance at the college this week. (See Rebel Girl's recent post: Running with scissors.) On Tuesday, she said, a student walked around the faculty office wing of the A200 Bldg., making menacing remarks about instructors. (There’s lots more to the story, but rest assured that the situation was alarming.)
     She offered the view that the college has not handled the situation well (note: Dean Karima Feldhus, who is very good with these situations, has been away with family this week), evidenced by the fact that there has been no public communication about the existing situation, and, worse, some of the student’s professors have not even been informed about him and the problem he now presents. She said that administration had a "communication" problem and that a "protocol" should be developed for such cases.
     For now, the senate can do no more than to agendize the matter for a future discussion.


  1. Well-deserved criticism!

  2. Any update on the condition of the student and his whereabouts?

    Tomorrow is a new week...

  3. We haven't heard a thing, natch.

  4. I don't understand why they didn't inform the student's other teachers - that seems to be a no-brainer.

    It could be that this kind of event happens all the time here and we don't hear about it - but I doubt it.


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