Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Early Saddleback College history: dress codes, censorship, faculty wives clubs, and more!

SOME STRAY FACTOIDS culled from LA Times headlines:

“Saddleback College Bonds Approved by Wide Margin,” LA Times, Apr. 10, 1968:
—“Midway returns in the Saddleback Junior College District showed voters were approving a $9.5 million bond issue Tuesday night.” 
“Architects Get the Go-Ahead at Saddleback,” LA Times, May 17, 1968:
“Trustees of Saddleback Junior College District have authorized architects to proceed with specifications for temporary classroom buildings for Saddleback College.” 
“Saddleback's Campus Construction Starts,” LA Times, May 25, 1968:
“The brand of Saddleback College was added to those dating back to the area's ranching days when ground for the college's interim campus was broken by trustees in a ceremony...” 
“'Instant Campus' Takes Shape for Saddleback College,” June 21, 1968:
“Transformation of a graded field into a college campus started Thursday with the assembling of the first steel classrooms for Saddleback College.” 
“Saddleback College Chief Rejects Offer of 3-Year Contract: College Head to Leave Post at Saddleback,” LA Times, June 26, 1968
“Saddleback JC Picks New Superintendent,” LA Times, July 3, 1968:
“Dr. Fred H. Bremer, 45, dean of instruction and vice president of Saddleback College, will become district superintendent and college president on Aug. 1.” 
Saddleback Trustees Reject Bid for Delay on Dress Code,” LA Times, Oct. 15, 1968:
“A student request that the dress code, particularly as it pertains to boys' long hair, be suspended until the new Saddleback College has a chance to form an Associated Student Body was turned down Monday night by the Board of Trustees.” 
“Reagan Dedicates Saddleback, Cites Need for Viewpoint,” LA Times, Oct. 16, 1968:
“Gov. Reagan told students at the dedication of Saddleback College Tuesday, ‘You are brighter than we were at your age, you are better informed and even healthier’ and ‘we owe you the right to want a purpose, a cause, a banner to follow.’” 
“Long Hair Ban Sets Tone: No-Nonsense Image Marks Saddleback JC’s First Year,” LA Times, Dec. 1, 1968:
“Saddleback College is only two months old but already it has a reputation as a nononsense campus.” 
“Saddleback to Have More Than 1 Campus,” LA Times, Jan. 22, 1969:
“Saddleback Junior College District eventually will have a second campus, trustees have decided, but the site won't be selected for three to five years.” 
“Saddleback Adopts highest JC Salary Schedule in State,” LA Times, April 16, 1969:
“Saddleback College District has adopted a teachers' salary schedule which makes it the highest paying district in the state, at least $5,000—at top of scale—above any other junior college schedule in the county.” 
“Wives Plan Fantasy for Funds,” LA Times, May 23, 1969:
“Astrologers are predicting good fortune for Saddleback College Faculty Wives as they plan their first major fund-raising event Saturday at the Revere House. 
“Permanent campus to open,” LA Times, June 27, 1969:
“Saddleback College is on the move again—for the third time since its inception.” 
“College Trustees Slate Meeting,” LA Times, June 30, 1969:
New trustee officers to be elected “Wednesday.” The meeting was in Crown Valley School. Since last July, Collins had been board pres., Backus had been VP, and Brannon had been clerk. 
“Dress Code Amended: Hair Below Eyebrows is Out at Saddleback College,” LA Times, July 4, 1969:
“Saddleback College, the only junior college in Orange County with a dress code, is amending its regulations on men's hair styles to make them more specific.” 
“Tea Will Greet Faculty Wives,” LA Times, Aug. 28, 1969 
“College Adopts Speaker Policy,” LA Times, Sep. 17, 1969:
According to the trustees’ new policy, programs open to the public must get pre-approval from the Board. Programs limited to student units (departments, classes, etc.) must get prior approval of the superintendent. 
“Trustees Maintain Dress Code, Say Economics Dictate Move,” LA Times, Oct. 29, 1969:
“Saddleback College's no-nonsense image will continue, partly as a matter of economics.” 
“Student Editors Stir Concern—and Reaction,” LA Times, Dec. 7, 1969:
Tells of new policy by Saddleback College board that governs the student paper, Lariat. The faculty advisor (who is also head of campus PR) is supposed to delete anything he judges not to be in good taste. Students cry "censorship." 
Math/Science 1970
“Avoid Complacency, Chancellor Urges,” LA Times, July 1, 1970:
The chancellor of the CA Community Colleges warned during a speech to Saddleback College graduates that “complacency and lack of consideration of student rights” could lead to disorder on campus. He was alluding to the trustees’ restrictive dress code for students, which forbade long hair on men. The trustees also acted to deny students a “free speech area” on campus.


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