Thursday, November 17, 2005


We at Dissent used to have fun adapting old cartoons to our contemporary Dissentular purposes.

I thought it might be fun to reprint some of the cartoons from old issues--cartoons that might still have meaning or might have a new meaning.

Or not.

1. LEAVE! This cartoon appeared in the 'Vine (the predecessor of Dissent) on July 28, 1998. By that time, Raghu had experienced a massive (76%) vote of "no confidence" from full-time IVC faculty. As you know, he later (in 2000) suffered a 90% vote of "no confidence." In 2004, as Chancellor, he managed to hit 93.5% "no confidence," a personal best. (If you click on the image, it should get bigger.)

2. THAT MUST BE UNCOMFORTABLE. Eight or nine years ago, faculty warned the Board that the district's reserves were too low. The Board Majority dismissed such warnings, for it dismissed anything the faculty had to say (unless the faculty were Old Guard union patrons like Lee W, Sherry M, et al.).

This cartoon appeared in September of '98. At the time, Kathie Hodge was the acting chancellor.

3. LITIGATION ATTRACTOR. This next cartoon, which alludes to the Accreditation team's visit, is from an issue published on July 6, 1998. By then, the Board had been spanked pretty hard for its "persistent and defiant" Brown Act violations. And it had also been sued for (Raghu's) violating students' free speech rights (those suits were ultimately successful):

4. FROGUE IS "TOPS." Fiinally, this one is from the period in which Trustee Frogue was receiving tremendous attention owing to his embrace of wacky conspiracy theories, his apparent Holocaust denial (so swore numerous former students), and his plan to invite a crew of crackpots and anti-semites to a forum at Saddleback College:


Rita said...


They were funny then, and they're even funnier now. I chortled. Love ya,


Anonymous said...

You mean people have been trying to get rid of this Mathur guy since 1998? Why don't you complain to the State Chancellor?

The Fuddster said...

I think they're DAMN funny!

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