Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jeffrey and Irvine Center Drive: One of the OC's most dangerous intersections!

We're #7!
     Or so says the Register, identifying the corner where the little college in the orange groves resides as #7.  The most dangerous?  Santiago Canyon Road where it meets Jamboree and becomes Chapman. Seems about right.


     The intersection of Jeffrey Road and Irvine Center Drive is usually a busy place, with heavy foot and vehicle traffic from a nearby freeway, shopping center and junior college.

     Each of the four serious accidents at or near the intersection was attributed to a different cause, including speeding, wrong-way driving and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The cause of one crash was undetermined. Six people – two of them bicyclists – were severely injured in the accidents. No one died.
     To read the rest, click here.

     Drive with caution. Watch out for cyclists. Share the road.  Use your turn signal.  Slow down. What's your hurry?



  1. Anybody know anything about this Shakespear by the Sea flyer I got? I hear we are paying THEM like $5000 to fundraise for them and use our facility?? Why is a Bio teacher pushing this? Something stinks here.....

  2. Last summer's program was terrific! I am glad they are returning. Wonderful community turn-out and a beautiful production. I'd like to see more events like this on campus.

  3. I like the summer Shakespeare too - what's the problem? Why the dig at our fine colleague who has the vision and energy to make this happen?

  4. The problem is we are paying an outside group to fundraise for themselves on our campus at our expense! I'm not talking about the quality of the production or the turn out. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. This should have gone through the fine arts department. Also, do we not have students who could do the same thing in house? Why not host our own Shakespear in the Orange Grove at IVC and save ourselves a bunch of money and fundraise for ourselves and our students? There is also an issue of using taxpayer money to pay for this sort of thing. Look up what this group made last year and the people that run it are paid employees doing just fine thank you.

  5. I don't think there is any "taxpayer money" being used for this production. The foundation has chosen to support this event. That is where the money is coming from. There's a difference you know. The Foundation does this all the time.

    Why would it have to come through the Fine Arts School? A good idea can come from anywhere. Fine Arts doesn't have a monopoly on the arts.

    I think it would be great if the Fine Arts school put on a summer Shakespeare play - or any Shakespeare at any time. That hasn't happened yet. Until then - why begrudge this event? It's the real deal.

    And please. This is the second time you have spelled Shakespeare with the final "e." I keep imagining the Will with a spear.

  6. And it's NOT the "Orange Grove" - it's the Live Oak Theatre!

    And I must say, it's nice to have some real theatre being performed there.

    See you all on Friday August 1 for "Hamlet" and Saturday August 2 for "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

  7. He's using the rare variant spelling of the bard's name just to show off. Like Oscar Wild.

  8. Virginia Wolf!

  9. I'm glad you are focusing on the spelling. Clearly the most important point to be made. Actually you are also wrong, the venue is Live Oak Terrace. Nice that the flyer had our location with the wrong name and zip code. I'm shur Wil I am Shaky spear would be all upset, good grief.

    Yes, having the Foundation spend money on an outside group doing their own fundraising is just fine for you when it suits you and your personal interests. Keep throwing the issue off point, doing a great job.

  10. You do know that at other colleges, they bring in outside professionals to perform? Sheesh, this even happens at high schools and elementary schools. Students have amazing performances, but there's some value in outside professionals? Something to aspire to as students, you know, learn? But if we ever need to cast a troll under the bridge, I do hope you'll audition.

  11. The Foundation made that flier - and well, that's a whole other problem, I'm afraid.

    I think the addition of this theatre company adds something to a summer season where not a lot goes on. Last year was wonderful.

  12. The school is dead during the summer. This is something special. The Foundation spends sums like this all the time on similar events. I sense some Fine Arts jealousy here.


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