Sunday, January 26, 2014

This waste of resources

   UNO. Two things. First, my best friend, Jan, who lives in Irvine, keeps pestering me about Irvine Valley College’s derelict cable channel. Recently, he wrote:
     Sorry to sound like the proverbial dog with a bone, but here's the official web page of the IVC cable station. Whenever I'm looking for something to watch on my Cox cable, I take a look at channel 33, and with the two exceptions I mentioned yesterday, there is the same recycling of the same text with a very good selection of classical music playing in the background. The announcements/info do change as they age, but at a snail's pace. I can imagine any number of reasons for this waste of a resource—maybe funding to properly maintain and coordinate is lacking—who knows?

     I’ve asked him to keep tabs on channel 33, and he has—for several weeks. Nothing’s changed.

     DOS. I wanted to give you a Teddy update. Teddy, of course, is my new cat, though I guess I’ve had him for quite some time now, maybe six or seven months.

Young Theodore, cat
     As you know, the death of young Bugsy hit us hard. It was devastating for my mom—she's in her 80s—who, like me, was seriously devoted to the little guy. So I’ve encouraged mom to drop by my place and visit young Theodore, hoping to spark some kind of bond there.
     Well, that’s happened big time. Mom comes by nearly every day to visit “her boy,” Teddy, aka “Mr. BooBoo.” They usually play madly together for anywhere between ten minutes and a half hour—with strings, rags, mouse toys, etc. (In truth, all women who have come into contact with young Theodore have fallen madly in love with him. He’s the new “It” Boy.)
     Mom loves it when big old Teddy responds to her approach by plopping his furry frame down upon the carpet and then waiting to get his belly scratched or his chin rubbed. She melts. And then, as they play, he commences purring loudly and occasionally rubbing himself on her. Sometimes, he hops several feet, pouncing on his goofy string prey. Given his size, such pouncage is invariably hilarious and wicked cute. And that Teddy is a seriously sweet kid, with nary a mean bone in his body.
     Often, she reaches down and kisses his big furry head, hugs ‘im. Then they play some more. He'll do that with her all day long, 'cuz he likes her.
     That's a good thing, that is.

     For more recent installments of the Bauer saga, see The red cat; the clueless couple & Maybe she’s really great with teeth

My folks and sister Annie in SJC recently

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  1. By the way, I took a look at channel 33 last week--I forget which day--expecting the usual litany of text on a blue background but there was, surprisingly enough, a chamber music quartet presentation, probably from the performing arts building. No information as provided as to who the performers were, etc., but they were excellent. More, please.


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