Monday, January 27, 2014

IVC's securitygate: another bold theft

An update on IVC's "security" issue: this morning, the instructor whose fancy Mac was stolen a couple of weeks ago in A200 reports that her replacement Mac has now been stolen, too, apparently over the weekend. UPDATE: correction: this information comes from a colleague who spoke with a member of IVC staff while he and Irvine Police Dept. officials examined the scene (of the aforementioned computer theft) this morning. Looks like entry was through the window.


Near as anyone I know can tell, administration has yet to see fit to alert the campus community to this series of thefts, though the IVC Chief of Police has been communicating with denizens of A200. Chief Glen has scheduled a meeting with them tomorrow at 2:00 (in A200). That could be an interesting meeting. UPDATE: a police officer told me that an individual who had been lurking near the windows of B200 was apprehended early Saturday morning (about 1:00 a.m.). He fled from police but was arrested. The officer implied that another suspect got away.

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  1. The response to the thefts in A-200 was to screw shut ALL the windows in the offices this morning.

    This means none of the windows can be opened - which means no fresh air for the over 30-plus faculty who work in that already over-burdened (and often moldy and poor air-conditioned) office space - and their students.

    Aside from the discomfort, there may be a fire hazard here now that that the offices can only be exited through the single door in case of emergency and there is no window for smoke (or people) to escape. None.

  2. I am sure they checked it out with the building codes and the fire department and all that stuff.

  3. Yes they did 5:01pm and they determined that no administrators would be in danger (since they never venture into the A200 building anyway). The only people in danger are the students and faculty.

  4. I have made an unofficial inquiry about this matter with a local fire official who said he'd get back to me. on the face of it though, he says there may be a problem with informing people of changes to a facility. For example, if a door that has been left unlocked during working hours for 5 years is suddenly locked and the workers (all of them) are not notified, it is some kind of violation. Same for windows.


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