Sunday, December 9, 2012

Community college campus upgrades on the way (OC Reg)

     Students and faculty at Orange Coast College may see a vast improvement in facilities within the next several years.
     Measure M, a local bond measure which voters passed in the election last month, allocates $698 million to the Coast Community College District to be split between its three campuses – Orange Coast College, Golden West College in Huntington Beach and Coastline College in Fountain Valley....


  1. In all my years here, the board has never put a bond measure on the ballot. Too bad. Maybe the "new" board will.

  2. The rationale for the SOCCCD's reluctance to put a bond measure on the ballot is that we are a "basic aid" district (Coast District is not), which means that there is more money available to the SOCCCD from property taxes than would normally be available to other districts. I think it would be difficult to justify a bond measure under these circumstances.

  3. Then why are the classrooms - some, not all but a goodly number of them, in such sad states?

  4. A good question. The SOCCCD holds the "excess" monies it receives from property taxes in a separate account. In the past, these monies have been used, for the most part, to fund construction projects, either fully or in part, which is mainly why districts like Coast seek bond measures since they do not receive additional monies from property taxes. I am not sure how much money there is currently in this SOCCCD account. I am sure it's possible to find out since this is public information. I also believe that these "excess" funds are not coming in as generously as in the past because of the economic downturn.


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