Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hotel Laguna, 1920s

(Photo courtesy Orange County Archives)
Since the modern Hotel Laguna was built immediately north of the Cafe Las Ondas c. 1930 (above: on the spot to the right), this photo must have been taken earlier. Note the pier. It was built in 1896. By the early 30s, it was very rickety, and the city contemplated removing it. A large storm finally took it completely away in 1939. See "detail" photos below
Detail #1 - The ground appears to be covered with gravel (sawdust?)
Detail #2
Detail #3
1932 (compare with above)
(Photo courtesy Orange County Archives) Hotel Laguna, c. 1930. 
This looks "south" more or less to the same spot as the top photo above looks "north."



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